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SOS Team
Radhika Murari :: Executive Director

Radhika Murari founded Supply Our Schools in October of 2003, with personal funds. Ms. Murari began her career with an IT start up that created online and offline databases for academic and commercial publishers. While completing her MBA from Georgetown University, Ms. Murari founded an online social networking company called The Perfect Circles.

Ms. Murari has volunteered for non-profits since the age of 12 and has worked with education and youth-focused organizations in both India and the United States

Pooja Sharma :: Director, Web Development

Ms. Sharma has many years of experience in systems design and software development. She specializes in web technologies and providing and implementing solutions to organizations that require an on-line presence, as well as need to transact on-line. Ms. Sharma’s focus has been web-enabling sites that deal with community development, travel, external resource management, and school administration

Kelley Westenhoff :: Community Outreach

Licensed as an attorney in Virginia, Kelley Westenhoff volunteers with many organizations including Friends of Reston (VA) Regional Library and her church. Mrs. Westenhoff is a mother of two children and has been involved with private and public schools for almost a decade. She served for three years as Librarian for a small private school that had no funding for books. Nonetheless, she managed to expand, update, catalogue and organize the library’s holdings while also teaching classes on library skills. Mrs. Westenhoff is particularly excited about Supply Our Schools giving the opportunity for affluent individuals and communities to come alongside teachers who choose to serve in the most economically disadvantaged areas. For more information, please email her at:

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