Pso2 New Genesis Kvaris New Region

Sega just released a monster Headline for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. This month’s Headline not only confirmed the arrival of a new region, but also a ton of other content. The new region coming to PSO2 New Genesis is Kvaris, a snowy realm that differs greatly from both Aelio and Retem.

The icy tundra of Kvaris will be added as part of the Frozen Resolution expansion in June. A short trailer featured as part of the Headline shows what you can expect from the region. It’s full of icy biomes, soaring mountain ranges, and all kinds of new enemies. Plus you can snowboard now, and that’s just cool.


Don’t get lost

But Kvaris isn’t being added to PSO2 New Genesis until June. What are players to do in the meantime? Thankfully, developer Sega has a tasty line-up of content planned for April, too. Most notable is the introduction of the Geometric Labyrinth.

Coming April 20, the Geometric Labyrinth is going to be the most extreme challenge in New Genesis yet. This training facility has a recommended level of 30 or higher with an advised Battle Power of 1682 or higher. However, all enemies inside the facility will scale to the highest level member of your party so be prepared for a challenge far beyond these guidelines.

Pso2 New Genesis Geometric Labyrinth

Runs will be challenging regardless, but teams have the choice to tweak settings to make it even more difficult. Successfully completing the labyrinth with more settings enabled rewards a higher score and better loot.

If all goes to plan the Geometric Labyrinth should provide the repeatable end-game grind that players have been asking for. The end game of New Genesis has always struggled to deliver, so this can end up being a game-changer.

New ways to play

In addition to the big content updates, Sega is introducing a variety of new mechanics to keep gameplay fresh. For example, you’ll be able to experience PSE Burst Encores this month. These encores increase the chance of a PSE Burst to get extended beyond its regular length.

The level cap for New Genesis is also getting raised. Currently, the level cap is 40, but this is being increased up to 45 in April. To fill out these higher levels with content, Sega is adding new high-ranked sectors to Retem, as well as more Chaos Trials.

Strut your stuff

Big content updates like Kvaris are nice, but it’s the cosmetics that tempt many PSO2 New Genesis players. Unsurprisingly, Sega hasn’t missed out on the opportunity to release new cosmetics for you to spend money on.

April will see the arrival of two new AC Scratch Tickets. These will feature a variety of outfits, emotes, and motions for players to roll for. On April 6, the Casual Comfort Scratch Ticket arrives. This set features a variety of comfy oversized outerwear such as hoodies and onesies. Following that is Gilded Glamour, which will release on April 20. This is the set of choice for those who like classier outfits such as suits and embroidered dresses.

Finally, a new Mission Pass is coming this month. This will be Season 6 of the Mission Pass, with the premium tiers costing 100 SG to access as usual. Players who progress through the Mission Pass can expect to earn all sorts of useful items including Alpha Reactors, Shop Passes, and Capsules.

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