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In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced what PC Game Pass members can expect in the coming month. March saw indie games take the stage, with the arrival of Shredders, Norco, and Weird West. April mostly follows suit, but there is one exception because PC Game Pass is getting a huge addition this month.

Come April 12, Life is Strange: True Colors will be available on Game Pass. Published by Square Enix,  True Colors is the third game in the Life is Strange series, which began in 2015. It was well-received at launch, with critics praising its emotive storytelling. Plus, it’s a third-party title that was only released last year. So having it on Game Pass already is impressive.


Also coming to PC Game Pass on April 12 is Panzer Corps 2. It’s a World War II turn-based strategy game that has received ‘Very Positive’ reviews on Steam. The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, a fantasy tactics game developed by Dear Villagers, arrives on Game Pass on April 12 as well. Once again, despite being a lesser-known title, its ‘Very Positive’ Steam reviews prove it to be a popular choice amongst those who have tried it out.

The only available on day one title coming in April is Chinatown Detective Agency. This pixelated point and click game is being released by General Interactive on April 7. Additionally, most of these games will also be available through Xbox Cloud Gaming. The titles coming in April through the Cloud, but not PC Game Pass, are Dragon Age 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Xbox Game Pass April Cloud Games

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While April is bringing new games to PC Game Pass, it is also taking some away. On April 15, Rain on your Parade, The Long Dark, and Pathway will no longer be available via PC Game Pass. Also, April 18 will see F1 2019 follow suit. If any of these games are of interest be sure to pick them up before they are removed.

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