Fortnite Zero Build Trials Rewards

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 began with Epic Games removing building from the core game modes. A dedicated no build playlist was then rolled out for fans who want to keep building out of the picture. If you’re a player that enjoys the build-free mode, Fortnite has enabled Zero Build Trials. The Trials allow you to complete challenges and earn different in-game cosmetics throughout the rest of the week.

The Zero Build Trials are only a limited-time event, beginning on April 6 and ending on April 10. Each day, you’ll receive a new daily challenge to complete, which will allow you to unlock new in-game items.


How to join in with the Fortnite Zero Build Trials and earn rewards

Firstly, visit the Zero Build Trials website to sign up and register your Epic Games account. Once you have done so, the first daily challenge will be made available to you. The next four challenges arrive at 12:01 a.m ET everyday until April 10. Apart from the daily challenges, you can also complete a stretch goal each day. Completing these will see the Boosted Groundsurfer Glider added to your locker.

Let’s talk about the important part, the rewards. Taking on the April 6 challenge grants you the SMG Slone Spray upon completion. Then, on April 7 you can get your hands on the Flying Focus Spray, and April 8 gives the Wild Shot Spray. On April 9, you can get the last Fortnite Zero Build Trials reward, which is the Ready for Combat Spray. The final challenge allows you to earn the rewards you potentially missed out on if you did not do any of the daily challenges in time.

Sprays are not the most sought after cosmetic, but who doesn’t love to get some free stuff? It is likely that the Boosted Groundsurfer Glider will be the most sought after reward.

Fortnite Zero Build Trials Rewards

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