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One of the most highly anticipated fighting games of the year is DNF Duel. The game comes from Arc System Works, the developer of Guilty Gear Strive, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Despite a few odd things in the open beta test a few months ago, excitement is high for Arc’s next anime-inspired spectacle fighter. Thanks to a new trailer that just dropped on Sunday after the ArcRevo World Tour America Finals, we now know that DNF Duel has a release date of June 28.

In the trailer we get to see more of Ghost Blade, the last character to be revealed before the game went dark for a couple of months. One part Vergil from Devil May Cry and one part stand user from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the character looks like a lot of fun. Ghost Blade seems to be able to attack in tandem with his ghost, which can only lead to some truly nasty mixups.


At the very end of the trailer we get confirmation that the game will be a part of the ArcRevo World Tour 2022. It’ll be there along with Guilty Gear Strive, and the show begins later this year. Fighters play to claim a grand prize pool of $100,000 USD for each game.

Guns and bolts

Finally, we see small snippet of the next character, Mechanic. All the characters in DNF Duel are named after their classes from Dungeon Fighter Online, and Mechanic is no different. From what I have heard and seen from those who play the MMO, Arc is doing a good job of translating skills over from the MMO. Looking into what the Mechanic does in that game could shed some light on her DNF Duel incarnation we see in the release date trailer.

Once a Gunner class reaches level 15 in Dungeon Fighter Online, they can become a Mechanic class. So I would expect a good use of long-range projectiles and other armaments from her, like explosives. There is no word yet of another DNF Duel beta. But we still have a few months to go, so I think it is very reasonable that we will see another beta soon. While you wait for that, you can check out our Everything You Need to Know article on DNF Duelwhich will be continuously updated as more information on the game is released.

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