Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons New Kaineng City

Kaineng City is not how I remember it from Guild Wars: Factions. The dilapidated streets and buildings have been replaced with gorgeous towers, pristine waterways, and the latest in jade tech. The Commander and the rest of Dragon’s Watch have certainly never visited a place like this before. Take a tour around New Kaineng City in the latest Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons trailer.

The thugs roaming the streets have been replaced by visitors from around Cantha who have come to take in the wonders the city has on display no matter where you look. The center of the city is a giant reminder of what makes all these wonders possible — a huge chunk of jade.


Using this material, Canthan’s have leaped into the future with jade tech. You can see it in the constructs walking around, the weapons carried by Canthans, and the terminals scattered around the city. In the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons New Kaineng trailer, you can also see it being used to traverse the city.

Although New Kaineng looks like a prosperous and thriving city, there is trouble afoot. From the trailer, it looks like someone is using jade tech for nefarious purposes. It will undoubtedly fall to you to deal with the problem.

The end is nigh

And by the end, I mean the beginning of End of Dragons. ArenaNet recently revealed that the next Guild Wars 2 expansion will release on February 28. If you’re looking to embark on the next grand, and this time nostalgic, adventure, you can pre-purchase one of three Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons editions.

You can also enjoy a brief taste of what Cantha has in store for you in our first End of Dragons preview. It covers some of the new horizontal progression features coming to Guild Wars 2, including fishing and the new skiff mount. It also explores some new zones, the new Guild Hall, and a new Strike Mission.

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