Legends Of Lost Ark Twitch Drops

Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games just revealed a month-long Lost Ark competition, called Legends of Lost Ark, featuring iconic streamers from North America, Europe, and Latin America. The event will feature three teams, one representing each region, that will need to complete tasks in-game to earn points. The event will broadcast on Twitch and will include rewards in the form of Twitch drops for Lost Ark fans who support their team.

Legends of Lost Ark will begin on the MMORPG’s launch day, February 8, at 11 AM ET. It will run until March 1 at 3 AM ET. You will need to get behind one team and, as they hit certain points benchmarks, you will earn your Lost Ark Twitch drops.


You can check out the Legends of Lost Ark page to see the full list of streamers taking part. The page will also allow you to keep track of how many points each team has throughout the competition. You’ll need to keep track of points to ensure you grab your loot when it is available. Speaking of your loot, you can see the different Twitch drops available in the feature image up top, or in the Legends of Lost Ark trailer below. You will need to watch four hours of a team’s stream to earn each drop.

Legends of Lost Ark Twitch drop rewards

On day one, all teams will unlock the tier one rewards for their viewers. These are three Battle Item Chests, a Light Currency Chest worth 100,000 Silver, and an Amethyst Shard Pack that will give you 1,500 Shards. Those items will give you a healthy start to life in Lost Ark. The tier two reward requires your team to earn 6,000 points. The reward is a chest containing one of five hilarious paper hats. At 12,000 points, your team will earn you the Halgaia Pet Chest. This will allow you to choose one of the four unique griffin-looking pets. The final Twitch Drop is unlocked when your team reaches 18,000 points and will score you a stylish hoverboard mount.

On top of all those rewards, each objective that a streamer completes will give them Bronze Founder’s Packs to give away to their community. From the event’s page, it looks like there are 119 Bronze Founder’s Packs available for each streamer to earn. That seems like an insane number of Founder’s Packs to be giving away, but I suppose not every streamer will complete all the objectives.

The objectives include things like hitting the high seas in your first boat, collecting three Island Hearts, winning 40 PvP matches in both Team Deathmatch and Team Elimination, completing any two Adventure Books, and unlocking your second Awakening Skill. There are 19 objectives in total. You can check out the complete list on the Legends of Lost Ark page.

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