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The three-day headstart for Lost Ark players who purchased a Founder’s Pack ends today, as the game launches for everyone. However, the massive number of players who went the headstart route has resulted in long queues on some servers. New players can no longer create characters on certain servers, meaning friends who didn’t start early are now forced to play on different servers or begin again. In response to this, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have gifted players who purchased Founder’s Packs some additional items to soften the pain of moving.

If you redeemed your Founder’s Pack on a character, the items are all locked to that character and server. So, now that players are being forced to switch to join up with friends, they would essentially leave behind their items. With that in mind, Smilegate announced that anyone who redeems their Founder’s Pack before February 14 at 3 PM ET will get an extra set of the exclusive items.


All Founder’s Pack owners will receive another copy of the title and pet. Silver Pack owners will also get 150 Royal Crystals. Gold Pack owners will get 500 Royal Crystals and another copy of the Northern Lawmaker skin. Platinum Pack owners will get an additional 1,000 Royal Crystals, another Northern Lawmaker skin, another Founder’s Platinum skin, another version of the mount, and another Platinum Welcome Crate. There was no mention of the Crystalline Aura.

Smilegate specified that this will be a one-time thing. So, do not waste your additional freebies. The developer highly recommends you only redeem your items when you are settled on a server.

Lost Ark Launch Details

New Lost Ark launch servers

The limit on character creation on full servers will remain in place for the foreseeable future. So, you better gather your friends quickly and decide on a new one. If you are happy on your server and don’t want to move, you will still be able to create new characters on it.

Lost Ark was scheduled to go live for all players at noon ET. This has since been delayed. When the game does launch, NA West will get one new server, Shandi. NA East will get six new servers, Sasha, Adrinne, Aldebaran, Zosma, Vykas, and Danube. Central Europe will also get six new servers, Inanna, Thaemine, Sirius, Antares, Brelshaza, and Nineveh. Finally, South America will get two additional servers, Gienah, and Arcturus.

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