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Lost Ark players who purchased one of the Founder’s Packs would have received a 30-day Crystalline Aura as part of the bundle. A quick glance at the Founder’s Pack page on the MMORPG’s website will show you almost all the features you get with the Aura. However, many players will have no idea what all these features do, or even what they are. The page also lack info on the handy pet perks. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Crystalline Aura.

If you didn’t purchase a Founder’s Pack, you can still get access to a Crystalline Aura through the game’s store. It will cost you 420 Crystals, or $9.99 USD, for a 30-day Aura. You can also choose to purchase a 180-day Aura for $49.99, essentially saving you $10 if you plan to have it constantly active.


I suggest you don’t active your Crystalline Aura when you first start playing. Rather, wait until you are further into the game and can make better use of the travel benefits, crafting bonuses, and numerous discounts.

If you want the Crystalline Aura active all the time, you can think of it as a subscription fee to Lost Ark. Instead of access to the game, it gives you some features that save you in-game cash, as well as time. It is not a pay-to-win feature, though. You are not paying to be more powerful than other players. It’s simply about convenience.

Lost Ark Crystalline Aura

A list of the Crystalline Aura benefits.

Everything you get with Lost Ark’s Crystalline Aura

The Aura will make traveling around Arkesia cheaper and faster. All those little Triport costs will be waived. So, free teleporting. You’ll also get two additional Bifrost slots, which let you put down a custom teleport location in the world. Without a Crystalline Aura, you only get one slot. With it, you get three. Your Song of Return will also refresh 50% faster while you have the Aura. Plus, you can travel the seas on the Liner for 50% less coin. These are the best benefits of the Crystalline Aura because they provide the most convenience.

Another nice perk is that you can increase your affinity with an NPC one additional time each day. Your Life Energy will also recover 10% faster, so you can gather more if you’re maxing out your Life Skills. These are nice to have benefits but certainly not game-changing benefits.

The Crystalline Aura also gives you several benefits that help you develop your Stronghold more rapidly. The time it takes to research projects, craft items, and dispatch ships are all reduced by 10%. Plus, your Stronghold Energy recovers 10% faster to foster the increased production potential. On top of that, you also get a scarecrow for your Stronghold that provides 7,000 XP per minute. That’s a nice boost for your alternate characters.

While you have a Crystalline Aura active, you will also be able to use the Crystal Benefactor title. It’s not the best title, though, since all it shows is that you’re paying for a service.

Lost Ark Crystalline Aura Pet Effects And Functions

Pets and the Crystalline Aura

You can check out my guide to free pets in Lost Ark if you want all the details on these useful companions. For this guide, you just need to know that the Aura gives you access to Pet Functions. This is a convenient service that gives you a pet inventory, as well as remote access to your storage, mail, the market, repairs, gems, and refaceting.

According to the Pet Effects tooltip, it looks like you are only supposed to be able to benefit from Pet Effects when you have a Crystalline Aura active. However, they are currently providing buffs to characters in Lost Ark without the Aura. This might be part of Amazon Games’ commitment to ensuring Lost Ark remains free to play.

That is every little thing you need to know about the Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark. You might find it worth purchasing at select times during your adventures, but you definitely do not need to constantly have it active. If you’d like more help, you can read our tips for beginners, as well as our guide to picking a class based on your playstyle.

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