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Publisher Square Enix posted a survey asking fans how it can improve Babylon’s Fall. The new action-adventure title developed by PlatinumGames has not been received well since its launch earlier this month. The most common complaints are made in regard to the game’s unusual visuals. And that’s exactly what Square Enix is looking to get feedback on.

The survey itself is a form that asks a variety of questions. These questions inquire into what fans think about Babylon Fall‘s character design, oil painting aesthetic, environments, and accessibility.


Square Enix stated that its motive for posting this survey is to bring an even better game experience. In the same statement, it highlighted that feedback regarding the graphics is especially appreciated. This isn’t surprising given that game graphics are such a contentious and divisive issue in the community.

Any Babylon’s Fall players who want to take part in the survey have until March 18 at 2 p.m. ET to do so. It isn’t that often that major games publishers give fans the opportunity to provide direct feedback, so it’s certainly worth completing if you have played the game. The survey provides opportunities for both praise and criticism, so don’t feel as though you shouldn’t complete even it if you enjoyed Babylon’s Fall.

What about monetization?

Outside of its visuals, the next most common complaint about Babylon’s Fall is its overly aggressive approach to monetization. Square Enix loaded it up with microtransactions and season passes, as to not miss out on any opportunity to increase revenue.

Unfortunately, the survey does not provide a means for players to discuss this. Even the closing summary questions only ask for critique regarding visuals. It’s impossible to say exactly why this is, but it is sure to be frustrating for any fans who are displeased with other aspects of Babylon’s Fall.

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