Epos Gsp 601 gaming headset deals

If you’re always on the lookout for good deals on gaming gear, we’ve found some promising offers on gaming headsets that you best go peruse. EPOS announced a sale this week that’s running up to Valentine’s Day, February 14. You’ll be able to snag its GSP 600, 601, or 602 model gaming headsets for 33% off, which was already a reasonable price for a comfortable and quality audio experience. At just $99 USD, these are now practically steals.

We’ve reviewed quite a few EPOS gaming headsets and consistently have good things to say about the build quality, audio quality, and features. In fact, we even reviewed the GSP 601 that’s featured in this sale if you’d like to know our full thoughts on it. In summary though, it’s a great sounding closed-cup headset without the extra fills of things like RGB. Instead, the focus is on a quality build design and a comfortable fit, don’t let the bulkiness fool you. The 600s, 601s, and 602s are plenty comfortable thanks to the thick leatherette padding that lines the headset. It also features a boom mic that can be flipped up to manually cut off audio for when those inevitable IRL moments disrupt your gaming pleasure.


Is the EPOS GSP 600, 601, or 602 right for you?

Don’t let the product numbering confuse you either. These two headsets are in fact one in the same, only distinguished by different color schemes. You can further customize the look with swappable cover pieces if you want the accents to pop, or blend with the rest of the headset. When it comes to compatibility, you can feel good knowing that the standard 3.5mm audio jack works with PCs and consoles via the included adapter.

Epos Gsp 601 gaming headset deals

Just know that this is considered an enthusiast grade headset, so there’s one major thing to keep in mind if interested. EPOS products like these sound best when paired with an amplifier or sound card. You can get a basic amp that’s designed by EPOS if you’d rather keep it simple, or go the custom route with a brand of your choice. Considering the $50 USD savings from this sale, it’s a good time to consider doing something like that. Your ears will thank you once you’re all set up and you realize how rich everything sounds.

There are always great deals on gaming gear such as headsets, so the important thing is to make sure you get something that’s right for you. At the cost of just $99 USD though, the EPOS GSP 600s, 601s, and 602s really can’t be beat for those that value an overall great gaming headset. Just don’t forget that this promotion ends February 14.

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