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Weird West takes you to a fictional frontier. It’s a melding of historical events (i.e., colonization and expansion in North America), occult mysticism, and stranger incidents. With several chapters showcasing specific characters, you’re bound to experience a few challenges along the way. Here’s our Weird West guides and features hub to help you with everything you need to know.

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Weird West guides and features hub

Official review – Weird West has all the quirks to make it a memorable classic, but it’s still rough around the edges. Is it worth your while?

Beginner’s guide – Take a look at a few starter tips regarding combat, exploration, and survival.

Healing, cooking, and camping – Make sure that your posse is in tip-top condition due to the permadeath mechanic.

Weapons and armor upgrades – Learn about equipment upgrades and the materials you’ll need, as well as mining and skinning.

Treasure Hunts – Find the Secret Stash so you can obtain some nifty loot.

Wanted Bounties – Eliminate your targets to collect cash rewards.

Abilities: The best skills and finding Nimp Relics – These combat skills can aid you during tough bouts.

Perks: The best passives and finding Golden Aces of Spades – These passives will retain their effects throughout your campaign.

Witch at the Crossroads – This mysterious NPC has a box, and she doesn’t want you to open it.

Weird West recruitment guides

The following Weird West guides discuss the various methods to recruit companions:


While we won’t do full walkthroughs, these mini-guides for Weird West discuss some tricky or important moments that you’ll experience during the campaign:

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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Weird West: How to complete treasure hunts and find secret stashes

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