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Back 4 Blood debuted at the Game Awards tonight with not one, but two trailers to give eager fans an idea of what to expect from this next-gen zombie killing co-op experience. If you’re any bit a fan of the Left 4 Dead franchise, this game should have you interested. Not only does it have a slick coat of new paint on it, but there are plenty of onscreen zombies to mow down with a variety of guns. The debut trailer showed off some smooth cinematics to give you a look at some of the playable characters, as well as the monsters you can expect to face.

The zombies have a nice look about them with the glowing yellow eyes and rough-looking skin, but it’s interesting to see most of them in very fresh attire. It speaks to the rapid onset of the pandemic, though there are some grizzly looking mutations to worry about too. You’ll also see towering terrors with fleshy appendages that give the zombies additional range to strike out at you.


Bigger still, there’s some kind of uber beast that’s reminiscent of the Brumaks from Gears of War. These towering behemoths are absolute bullet sponges with massive strength, so you can expect to do some tactical retreating if you ever run into one. Maybe we will be able to get our hands on some heavy weaponry to blast them into a mess of bloody pulp. That is what you’re here for right?

Don’t miss the next round of info and a chance to try the alpha

Developer Turtle Rock Studios let the trailers do most of the talking tonight, but there’s another gameplay showcase scheduled for December 17 at 1 PM ET. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of daylight on your side when you see the action go down. However, if you’re at work and can’t make the livestream, we will have you covered with some full gameplay breakdowns shortly afterwards. There was also mention of an alpha taking place next week, so expect to hear more on that too. Until then, enjoy these Back 4 Blood trailers and see what kind of hidden treats you can find.

Back 4 Blood is scheduled to release on June 22, 2021 for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.


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