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Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios debuted a new Back 4 Blood trailer today to introduce fans to the game’s characters. The detailed video features all eight playable characters, collectively known as “The Cleaners,” as well as the different zombie types. In addition, the Back 4 Blood trailer offered a glimpse at some of The Cleaners’ abilities and strengths, so players know exactly what to expect.

The latest Back 4 Blood trailer features narration by Holly, a college-aged Cleaner who can increase team stamina and damage resistance. As Holly states, she’s “the glue that holds the whole team together.” Holly introduces players to the other Cleaners, including a veteran named Walker, a doctor aptly known as Doc, and a sniper named Jim. The group also includes Karlee, Hoffman, Evangelo, and Mom. Each character possesses special skills that can benefit the group as a whole. Doc, for example, can heal, while Mom can perform an “instant revive.”


On the other hand, the trailer also introduces the zombies, a.k.a. The Ridden. Players will encounter various types of Ridden, including Breakers, who can pretty much snap a person in half. Ogres can throw giant boulders from a far range, while Snitchers attack in groups. Finally, there are Hags, which Holly says “will literally eat you whole.”

Check out the full Back 4 Blood trailer below to meet The Cleaners ahead of the game’s launch on October 12.

Back 4 Blood beta coming soon

Back 4 Blood unfortunately fell victim to delays earlier this year, pushing its release from June to October. Thankfully, Turtle Rock Studios promised that fans will have access to a beta over the summer to make up for the lost time. Plus, the studio has been extremely transparent about the survival shooter game’s development, with constant trailers to explain the game’s mechanics. By the time October 12 rolls around, fans will have everything they need to dive right into Back 4 Blood.

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