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Halo Infinite may have already come out and received its accolades, but that does not mean developer 343 Industries plans to finish its work on the game anytime soon. In fact, the company posted a series of job openings last month to recruit developers that can help with its post-launch content. Interestingly, the studio dropped some hints within these job postings regarding what it plans to offer later on. As spotted over at GameSpot, the writing director job posting reveals some particularly significant information, in that Halo Infinite will receive more “serial narrative content” as part of the game’s free-to-play online multiplayer service.

According to the job posting, applicants will have to cooperate closely with members of the Halo franchise team so that the content they write lines up with preexisting Halo lore. The writing director will need to “hire, manage, and mentor a diverse team of writers, and support them” in their endeavors to craft engaging narratives that build upon the Halo universe. Additionally, the writing director will serve “as a senior leader on Halo Infinite,” which means they will have to foster a positive working environment that encourages transparency, trust, and healthy feedback.


Any other details?

One of the other job postings asks for a monetization designer that can develop “new ongoing experiences” for the game’s free-to-play service. 343 Industries expects applicants to help plan out the upcoming phases of this business model and come up with ways to encourage player engagement and progression, in addition to formulating “player-first” monetization strategies.

Naturally, players will want to know what the upcoming narrative content for Halo Infinite will look like. Having said that, some may feel wary about how 343 Industries plans to possibly monetize this content, especially considering how many felt the pricing of in-game cosmetics was too high at launch. Hopefully, the studio can to deliver this upcoming content in a noncontroversial way.

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