Rogue Legacy 2 Release Date Announced April 28

Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 now has an official release date. The popular rogue-lite will launch with version 1.0 on April 28. An early access version is currently available for purchase on both Steam and the Epic Games Launcher for $24.99 USD. However, on its Steam page, the developer does state that the price will be raised “once more to a final price once v1.0 is released.”

To celebrate the announcement Cellar Door Games is offering the original game for free. By logging onto the Epic Launcher you can download Rogue Legacy free of charge from now until April 14. The original game released in 2013 and many consider it a great indie game, so it’s well worth trying out if you haven’t played it before.


This announcement was accompanied by a new trailer. Titled the Official Animated Release Date Trailer, it provides some nifty cinematics and a glimpse into Rogue Legacy 2‘s gameplay. One new feature shown off in the trailer are the Metroidvania-esc abilities known as Heirlooms.

Also, Rogue Legacy 2 will include an improved version of the iconic trait system from the original game. Not only have traits been strengthened to give them a bigger impact, but there are also more of them. The developer hopes that this change will see traits bring “greater value to their risk versus reward gameplay.”

Jump in now

If you don’t fancy waiting then you can jump in right now. Even though Rogue Legacy 2‘s release date isn’t until April 28 you can still play it in Early Access. Obviously, the Early Access version isn’t as well fleshed out as the full release will be, but there’s still plenty to do.

Currently, Rogue Legacy 2 has six completed biomes, over 870 random rooms, 13 classes, over 65 traits, 45 skills, and 55 pieces of equipment. Throw in the new game+ mode and its various challenges and there’s sure to be enough to last you until version 1.0 arrives.

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