Evga Rtx 3080 Ti 12gb In Stock Availability Msrp Price Where To Buy

Graphics card availability has improved significantly over the past few weeks. This recent trend marks a stark contrast to what’s been about an 18 month slog of terrible conditions for gamers interested in upgrading their PCs. Although things are still far from normal, where you can expect to find a new graphics card for a reasonable price (compared to previous generations), the recent trend is still welcome and perhaps a sign of better things to come. As of now, those interested in high end Nvidia graphics cards can even find RTX 3080 12 GB and 3080 Ti models in stock for list prices near MSRP.

Manufacturers pulled a bit of a stunt with the RTX 3080 12 GB model and failed to list any MSRP. As of today, pricing seems to start around $1,250 for certain models, with others reaching up to $1600 or more. No matter how you slice it, these cards are expensive compared to the original RTX 3080 pricing, but some may say $1,250 is a steal compared to previous scalper pricing.


Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB and 3080 Ti options in stock

Right now, you can get the Gigabyte RTX 3080 12GB Gaming OC over at Amazon or Newegg for $1,250. If you prefer another brand, EVGA has stock for its XC3 Black model at Antonline for $1,250. You can also find the FTW3 Ultra model over on EVGA’s website for $1,300.

As for the RTX 3080 Ti, the XC3 Ultra model of this graphics card is also in stock over at EVGA’s website for $1,330. This is an excellent pick out of the bunch if you’re looking for high end performance and money isn’t a concern. This model will perform better than the RTX 3080 12GB, since it’s basically a 3090 with less VRAM.

Evga 3080 Ti 12gb where to buy

Pictured is the RTX FTW3 design for various models. (Image credit: EVGA).

If you’d like something a little more affordable that also uses less power, our recent RTX 3070 and 3070 Ti availability coverage is still relevant. You can also spot some EVGA RTX 3050 and 3070 Ti graphics cards over at Antonline for decent prices.

With any luck, this current pricing trend could continue through spring and into summer with a trickle-down effect to lower end cards. Today’s availability is a nice change of pace, but there are much better value-to-performance options in the RTX 30 Series lineup at lower model tiers. It will be particularly interesting to see how Nvidia prices the RTX 40 Series and if demand for the generation remains high after the frenzy over the RTX 30 Series.

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