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Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood certainly didn’t launch without its share of issues. However, since its release last October, the developer has been steadily delivering updates addressing the concerns brought by players. In December, the game got a solo offline mode for its campaign. The game has also seen a host of balance changes. Even though we’re four months in, Turtle Rock isn’t quite done. In the February update, Back 4 Blood is getting a ‘Stay Together’ option for parties, as well as more balance changes for cards and weapons. And there’s plenty more.

Indeed, the February update for Back 4 Blood isn’t skimpy. The list of changes in the patch notes is impressively lengthy. Among the most important, the Stay Together option should come welcome. It’ll allow players to vote to, well, stay together once a run is finished. That way, you’ll be able to continue playing with friends, as opposed to breaking up the band over and over. Supply Points are now awarded even for failed missions, and players can now have 16 decks to customize instead of eight.


About half the changes in the update focus on game balance. A myriad of cards and weapons have been changed. The Ammo Pouch, for example, adds 2.5% bullet damage and 35% ammo capacity. Hellfire movement speed will now only lower by 3% instead of 5%. Battle Lust will heal you, and Overwatch distance has been buffed from 10 meters to 15. It’s not all positive changes, mind. Both Compound Interest and Wooden Armor have been nerfed.

Back4 Blood back 4 blood february update stay together option balance cards weapons

Basking in bug fixes

With the February update, there’s a chance Back 4 Blood is able to recapture some players. The game has been sitting on a ‘Mixed’ rating from Steam for a while. True, the game isn’t perfect. Having the option to stay together in my Back 4 Blood runs would have made it a better experience early on. I did like the game when I played it, but I also get what others are saying. It does need plenty of work, but the developer hasn’t been sitting idle. Today’s update is a massive one, so it might turn some heads.

For the rest of the patch notes, check out the update page on Steam.

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