Lost Ark March Update

Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG continue to impress with their prioritization on feedback as another Lost Ark update drops to answer one of the major concerns from players: a lack of Honing materials. On top of that, Lost Ark players in the West are also being gifted a bunch of fun cosmetics and useful materials to celebrate the now-global MMORPG. The first Competitive Proving Grounds season also begins today.

The major concern I mentioned is something only experienced by players who have reached the upper echelons of the game’s item levels. There is a “dead zone” between item levels 1,340 and 1,370. This comes as a result of the way Lost Ark was released in the West — incorporating some tier two and three content, but not all. Players are struggling to acquire enough Honing materials to bridge the gap in item level. 


Smoothing the way

Amazon and Smilegate have already started addressing the Honing material shortage with the Grand Prix event currently taking place in-game. You can earn Arkesia Event Coins by competing in the Grand Prix event. Also, you earn the coins by completing most activities in the game. These coins can then be used to unlock plenty of Honing materials. Plus, you can unlock cards, Pirate Coins, Engraving Recipes, dyes, other currencies, and a cute Naruni hat. With today’s update, you can now earn more coins, and unlock more Honing materials from the Grand Prix. You can also acquire Metallurgy and Tailoring Books with the coins.

Now, the studios are adding a Guardian Raid event where players can earn even more event-specific coins. I assume these are Arkesia Event Coins. For the event, you will face off against various Guardians in the game. However, your level will be adjusted to match that of the Guardian. You can only enter the Casual Guardian Raid once per day. Completing the Raid will earn you 200 coins during the week and 300 over the weekend. So, you should have plenty of currency to gather those Honing materials.

Lost Ark Guardian Raid Event

The game that keeps on gifting

I feel like I’ve already received plenty of free gifts from Lost Ark. But I’m always happy to get more. This time, players are being gifted a New Animal Skin Selection Chest, a Mokokon Pet Selection Chest, a Moko-board Mount Selection Chest, the Lost Ark United Structure, an Appearance Change Ticket, 132 Pheons, five Menelik’s Tomes, and two Legendary Card Pack Selection Chests. You can check out all the cosmetics in the image below.

Lost Ark Players Gifts And Mokoko Skins

Players are also getting gifted a ton of Honing materials. The vast majority of players have not encountered the item level dead zone yet. However, solutions are already in the works. As a dedicated player, I feel appreciated. Plus, if you haven’t started playing Lost Ark yet but would like to join soon, you will also receive these gifts when you first log in.

When you do begin your journey into Arkesia, or if you’re already enjoying the fast-paced action, check out our Lost Ark guides and features hub for plenty of tips to help you on your way.

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