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There seems to be a new version of Nvidia’s RTX 3050 coming that will feature the GA-107 GPU, which has a lower TDP than the current GA-106 chip as seen on existing specs sheets. This has been rumored for a while now, and the update is corroborated by some weird decisions made on Nvidia’s part in the past. Either way though, if this is indeed the case, it would be a great step forward for what is supposed to be Nvidia’s cheaper RTX 30 Series graphics card.

This information originally comes from Igor’s Lab, which shared some details on what we can expect from the updated RTX 3050. This posting states that the updated RTX 3050 will indeed feature the GA-107 GPU. The posting also goes into aspects of the previous GA-106 GPU and why it was used instead of the newer GA-107.


An improved version of Nvidia’s RTX 3050

Back when the RTX 3050 was first introduced, everyone wondered why Nvidia decided to use a design featuring a cut-down GA-106 GPU that had nearly identical specifications to GA-107. It was most likely a combination of Nvidia trying to use up GA-106 chips that didn’t meet the standards for implementation in RTX 3060s, as well as to simply manufacturing orders to better meet high demand. Yet while it might make some sense, there’s still a good chance Nvidia intentionally disabled perfectly good GA-106 GPUs in order to launch the RTX 3050 as a direct response to the AMD Radeon 6500 XT. Now though, it seems that the newer model of the RTX 3050 will be using the proper GA-107 GPU, which comes with benefits to consumers.

nvidia rtx 3050 specs price release performance gaming stock

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The GA-107 GPU is slightly better when it comes to power efficiency. The GA-106 GPU has a TDP of 130W, while the GA-107 has a TDP of 115W. It’s not a massive improvement, but it is one that will help Nvidia’s AIBs behind the scenes. The lower TDP will allow manufacturers to use cheaper power delivery components, build smaller coolers with less raw materials, and even create more compact packaging if they really want to get creative on cost cutting. The GA-107 GPU is also smaller than GA-106, meaning that Nvidia could lower the wafer costs in production.

Ultimately, this will make the RTX 3050 cheaper to produce, meaning AIBs should also be able to provide greater volume of the cheaper models that are closer to MSRP. This would make Nvidia’s budget card a much more agreeable option for those looking to save some money. As with all leaks like this though, take it with a pinch of salt. None of this is confirmed as of now, so keep an eye out for updated specs on Nvidia’s RTX 3050 product page.

We also recently covered some leaked information related to Intel’s upcoming ARC GPU specs, which could give Nvidia some serious competition soon. Along with this, AMD is rumored to refresh the Radeon RX 6000 lineup, which might make this year a much better time for upgrading your PC compared to 2021.

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