Warzone Stim Radiation Zones

The release of Call of Duty: Warzone Season Three is getting closer. Ahead of the previously leaked Nuke Event, some changes have occurred to the map. The developers have added some radioactive areas around Verdansk. These are at the Shipwreck and Prison points of interest. Crossing into the radiation zones consequently results in you taking damage, and if you do not get out in time, you will eventually die to it. The nuclear gas only takes a small amount of health at a time though. As such, players have found a way to stay alive in the Warzone radiation zones.

You may not be surprised to learn that the exploit involves using stims. If you are a fan of Warzone, you will know that the infinite stim glitch has returned multiple times. A clip was posted on Reddit demonstrating how the use of stims works in the nuclear areas of Verdansk. As you can see from the clip, you can use stims to regenerate your health while you are in those areas. Also, if you use the Restock perk on your loadout, you will get access to a new stim before your health runs out.


Stims may not be as useful as they seem in the Warzone radiation zones

Using a stim in the Warzone radiation zones is only useful if the storm circle goes near Prison or Shipwreck. The combination of the storm and the radiation zones will not allow you to stay alive using stims. Despite this, it is still useful to be aware of this incase you find yourself inside these zones.

It is unknown if the developers will address the issue any time soon. The areas are not expected to remain in Verdansk when Season Three makes its debut. As the narrative develops, it will be interesting to see what the future of Warzone looks like.

You can restock stims faster than radiation can kill you from CODWarzone

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