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Those itching to play a new stealth game may find some appeal in Abermore, the latest title developed by 10 Second Ninja creator Four Circle Interactive. Described as a first-person stealth RPG, Abermore places you in the shoes of a thief attempting to orchestrate “the heist of the century.” Players work their way toward this goal by partaking in jobs offered by various criminals and building their reputation as a master thief. If the premise of Abermore sounds like your cup of tea, then you can pick it up on PC via Steam today for around $16 USD.

According to a press release, Abermore allows players to craft equipment that can help them perform their heists more easily, and they can gain valuable loot by trading items within the black market. Additionally, players have access to tarot cards that can grant them various supernatural abilities to make use of during heists. Alternatively, players can choose to improvise and utilize whatever they find in the environment as a weapon.


Don’t dillydally too much

Our playable thief only has 18 days to prepare for the big heist, so they will have to use that time wisely. Levels feature “thousands of randomized elements,” which means there’s only so much preparing players can do. The press release emphasizes that unexpected events and developments may occur, so remain ready to improvise. In between thieving missions, players can roam around “a neo-Edwardian city,” chatting with the local citizens and forming “unlikely alliances” to help achieve their goals.

Before you jump on the Abermore hype train, it is worth noting that as of today, the game has received quite a few negative reviews both on Steam and elsewhere. These reviews mostly cite a prevalence of bugs and technical problems as the major problems, so it’s probably best to wait until the developers patch things up.

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