Abermore Release Date

The upcoming first-person stealth RPG Abermore has its release date. Publisher Sold Out Games announced that it will launch on Steam on March 29. A launch price has not been confirmed, though, and it isn’t currently available for pre-purchase. However, those interested can add Abermore to their Steam wishlist to make sure that they don’t miss out.

Abermore tasks players with taking on the heist of the century. The protagonist is a Robin Hood-like figure who is simply known as The Unhanged Man. Regardless of his talents, this isn’t a solo mission. The Unhanged Man will need to put together a team, stock up on weapons, and learn magical abilities to pull off the heist.


Throughout the 18 days leading up to the heist, various campaigns must be completed. These will equip the player with the appropriate tools and knowledge needed to successfully plunder the final destination, the Royal Palace. The palace contains wealth beyond any common thief’s wildest dreams, and only a truly skilled team will be able to pull through.

Game director Dan Pearce provided some comments regarding the difficulties of keeping Abermore a secret before its release date was announced. “I don’t know how we’ve managed to keep Abermore a secret for as long as we have,” Pearce said. He even claimed to have nearly leaked it on Twitter multiple times. I’m sure many eager developers go through the same emotions when they’re desperate to share their passion project.

A relative newcomer

Abermore is developed by Four Circle Interactive, a relative newcomer to the video game industry. The only other game that it has created is 10 Second Ninja X, a self-proclaimed “hardcore sidescroller,” from 2016.

When compared to 10 Second Ninja X, Abermore is a much more ambitious title. Abermore is also a large departure from its previous work, which should give Four Circle Interactive the opportunity to show what it can do. The Stealth sub-genre isn’t the most competitive, so more options to choose from is a good thing.

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