Aliens Fireteam Elite Season 3 New Guns Lancer Kit April

Content continues to chug out for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, as developer Cold Iron Studios is preparing to deliver more with the launch of Season 3. The season, as predicted, brings an assortment of new weapons, cosmetics, and more. You may even want to try out the Lancer kit, which appears to turn your meaty space marine into a mech. Or maybe a Dragon Ball Z character? Your choice in how you want to see it.

Coming April 19, Season 3: Lancer brings some fresh heat. For many of you alien hunters, the four new weapons should be the most tantalizing addition. When the season arrives, you can try out the X1 Fireball, the M41E4 Heavy Pulse Rifle, the X45 Bombard, or the Mark 7 Mod 2 CQB Pistol. They’re categorized based on type, with the X1 Fireball clearly a close-quarters weapon. It can shoot fireballs that leave burning patches. The Bombard sounds like a grenade launcher, but it isn’t (sadly). It’s a rifle, described as something like a marriage between the X43 Flechette SMG and the DMR.


Other than the new boom sticks, Season 3 brings a new kit to Aliens: Fireteam Elite. The Lancer kit has laser cannons attached to your shoulders. It does other things, too, but c’mon. There are laser cannons attached to its shoulders. Called the Particle Lance, the weapon sends out a penetrating beam of blue death. The passive for the kit is Overwatch, which stacks accuracy, damage, and stability when you’re stationary. Onslaught is its third ability, which immediately reloads your weapon while increasing damage and resistance while decreasing movement and fire rate.

There are still more bugs to squash

Big shoulder lasers aside, there are other things Season 3 is bringing along. More cosmetics are on the way for weapon skins, decals, emotes, and a lot more. The season will also bring new perks and challenge cards, once again upping the game’s replayability. Cold Iron isn’t quite done after Season 3 lands. The fourth and final season of Aliens: Fireteam Elite Year 1 will arrive in Q3 of 2022, bringing a new mode and feature, as well as four more weapons. I’m not sure if the team is planning on a Year 2 of content, but even if it isn’t, there’s still plenty of new things to try out in the game.

Check out our review of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, where we gave it a solid 7/10. It’s only gotten more interesting since.

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