Sad news for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance fans. As of Thursday night, you can no longer purchase it or its sequel from any online store, no matter the platform. put out an article a few days ago warning readers it could be going offline soon because their licenses have since expired.

Now, when you head on over to their Steam pages, the profile pages for both are still up. Unfortunately, there’s no option to purchase them anymore. Just a few days ago, you could pick up both games for $15.

Apparently, this is standard for Activision games whose licenses have expired. For example, both Transformers games went offline after being on sale there for years.

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii owners need not fear, though. You can still pick up used copies of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games.  They sadly were never released physically for Xbox One and PS4 upon re-release, however. If you did purchase them digitally and deleted them you can still re-download them. But if you never got around to purchasing them in the first place, you’re out of luck.

Hopefully, we will other, similar games in the future.


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