Far Cry 6 Overclocked Weapons Black Market Eastern Front Mosin Nagant Mp5 1887

There are countless weapons that you can obtain in Far Cry 6. Some are standard variants, while others are definitely more unique. Then, there are those that are in a league of their own. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get Overclocked weapons from the Black Market. The options this week include the MP5, Eastern Front (i.e., Mosin-Nagant), and 1887 shotgun.

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Far Cry 6 Overclocked Weapons and Black Market guide: How to get the MP5, 1887, and Eastern Front (Mosin-Nagant)

Getting Overclocked weapons in Far Cry 6 is actually fairly simple. You just need to purchase them from Lola’s Black Market (she’s the same NPC who hands out Special Operations). These Black Market items cost Moneda.

Moneda itself can be acquired when you keep redoing Special Operations, as each run nets you around 250 to 300 of the currency. However, if you advance further and manage to complete the campaign, you’ll unlock Insurgency mode. This weekly, post-campaign activity has several tasks, and finishing all of these gives you around 2,750 Moneda.

Far Cry 6 Overclocked Weapons Black Market Eastern Front Mosin Nagant Mp5 1887 1

Here are the costs of the Black Market weapons:

  • Eastern Front (Mosin-Nagant) – 1,000 Moneda.
  • MP5 – 600 Moneda.
  • 1887 – 600 Moneda.

Note 1: The MP6 and 1887 have standard variants that you can obtain from caches or guerrilla vendors. The Eastern Front, meanwhile, is completely unique. It’s actually an in-game store item that’s part of the Motherland Bundle. In a way, Lola acts as Far Cry 6‘s version of Reda, the Thousand Eyes vendor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Both of them have MTX/premium store items that can be acquired if you spend earnable currency from regular activities.

Note 2: The items that are up for grabs in the Black Market change every week.

Far Cry 6 Overclocked Weapons Black Market Eastern Front Mosin Nagant Mp5 1887 2

So, what exactly are Overclocked weapons? Well, these simply have an Overclocked mod that costs 1x gunpowder and 5x industrial circuits. Once obtained, that weapon will have a permanent increase in its damage. You can see a comparison below between the Overclocked MP5 and the MP5K.

Perhaps the other key difference is that Overclocked weapons have more slots for attachment mods compared to the regular variants. For example, the 1887 Sawed-Off shotgun only has three slots compared to the Overclocked 1887’s seven slots. This means you can have several powerful mods to unlock the full potential of a weapon. Of course, you don’t really want to buy every single armament that comes along. Just try to focus on the standard types that you often use.

Fc6 Ubi Ovrcl Wep Gd Msn Ngt 1

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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