Weird West Wanted Bounties

Wanted Bounties are a great way to earn cash in Weird West. Still, you need to be careful since there are a lot of baddies that are waiting for you. Here’s our Weird West guide to help you complete Wanted Bounties.

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Weird West guide – How to complete Wanted Bounties

You’ll gain access to Wanted Bounties in Weird West after you’re done with your first major task: finding clues as to your husband’s whereabouts in Greenwood Run. Once you return to the town of Grackle, you’ll see that the inhabitants are back and the shops are open for business. If you make your way to the sheriff’s office, you’re told that you’ll be able to pick your targets.

Weird West Wanted Bounties 1

Each target has the following info:

  • Location and cash reward – Self-explanatory.
  • Contract duration – Make sure you can complete these tasks in the allotted time or they’ll automatically end in failure.
  • Faction – This isn’t particularly important since this only determines the types of mobs you’ll battle. Still, if a gang member manages to escape the encounter, they may return later with a vendetta. They’ll spawn when you least expect it, bringing several troops with them.

Note 1: You may only track up to five quests/missions at any given time. Although you can have a lot that are active, tracking highlights these locations on the world map.

Note 2: Some hostile NPCs that were part of quests in earlier chapters may appear as targets if they’re still alive.

Weird West Wanted Bounties 2

Generally speaking, your main targets in Wanted Bounties in Weird West tend to be surrounded by their henchmen (as you can see in the image above). As such, it’s possible to sneak around and ambush the entire bunch by throwing a stick of dynamite.

Alternatively, there are cases when your target might be asleep. This can happen randomly, and I’ve noticed that this occurs when you’ve just spawned in at the location. It might be possible to reload an autosave just to get this outcome, but don’t fret if you can’t get it to work. Anyway, once your foe has been taken care of, simply return to the sheriff’s office where you got the bounty to receive your reward.

Weird West Wanted Bounties 3

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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