Weird West Pigman Maximo Under New Management Quigley's Lantern Room Guide

The Pigman is the second character that you can play as in Weird West, well after you’ve gotten the evidence as the Bounty Hunter. One particular task here is a bit tricky due to the timing and patrol AI. Here’s our Weird West Pigman guide to help you with Quigley’s Lantern Room and the Under New Management sidequest involving Maximo.

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Weird West Pigman guide – Maximo and Quigley’s Lantern Room

As you progress further in the Pigman journey in Weird West, you’ll be told of Quigley’s Lantern Room. Ring the doorbell in front and use “creature comforts” as a password. You won’t be allowed to enter, but an NPC named Gloria Reed will tell you to head to the back. Gloria says that Maximo and his guards have been abusing the workers, which also starts the Under New Management sidequest.

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You can do whatever you want to finish the main task (i.e., searching the dormitory for clues). However, the sidequest requires you to stay undiscovered, and you can’t even KO other NPCs.

First, make sure that you have a save before you enter the back door (you can reload this save in case you mess up). As soon as you’re inside, wait for the NPC to face the other direction. Then, sneak all the way upstairs while following Gloria.

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You should have enough time to make it to the second floor without getting detected. Once you’re there, you’ll see the blue marker for Maximo’s location. Head inside the small room beside that.

Wait until Maximo is done talking. A servant might enter this small room, but as long as you’re crouched and behind the door, you should be safe.

Weird West Pigman Maximo Under New Management Quigley's Lantern Room Guide 1

Next, head behind Maximo and smack him unconscious. Carry his body to the adjacent room and toss the fella out the balcony. You may also pick up some loot here, such as a Golden Ace of Spades.

Note: The Maximo or Under New Management sidequest in Weird West requires you to escape the area without being seen. But, we still need to handle our main task.

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For that, you’ll have to go to the opposite chamber on the second floor where the yellow marker is. Just keep sneaking around and watch out for the sentries. You’ll be able to pick up the Love Note to Cecilia from the cabinet.

Next, head to the lounge at the center and save. Take note of the patrolling NPCs and go to the yellow marker. Here, you can pick up more loot:

  • There’s an Amulet of the Bloodletter in a cabinet.
  • An ornate chest contains a Nimp Relic and a Resistant Bison Hide Vest.
  • The dresser beside the bed has a Golden Ace of Spades and a Ransom Note. This important item will complete the Quigley’s Lantern Room main task for the Pigman in Weird West.

Weird West Pigman Maximo Under New Management Quigley's Lantern Room Guide 2

Now, all that’s left is to sneak past the mobs until you can jump from a balcony. Alternatively, you can jump down to the pigpen at the back entrance to obtain another Nimp Relic.

As long as no one sees you and you didn’t KO anyone (except for Maximo), you should be fine. Lastly, exit the area and travel a bit on the world map to finish the Under New Management sidequest as well.

Note: There are still a few objectives left in the Pigman journey in Weird West. However, the next tricky part happens in Chapter 3 where you need to find the Olvidado Bracelets as the Protector.

Weird West Pigman Maximo Under New Management Quigley's Lantern Room Guide 3

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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