Weird West Protector Guide Olvidado Bracelet Locations Bitter Rock

The Protector is the third main character in Weird West. You’ll be given a few objectives until you’re told about certain important items. Here’s our Weird West Protector guide to help you find the three Olvidado Bracelet locations, especially the well-hidden accessory in Bitter Rock.

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Weird West Protector guide – Where to find the Olvidado Bracelets

Bitter Rock Olvidado Bracelet

Once you reach Bitter Rock as the Protector in Weird West, you’ll notice the following:

  • The place is crawling with Ravenous mobs.
  • There’s a Golden Ace of Spades off to the left-hand side.
  • There’s another one in a small work tent all the way at the back. There’s also a Shed Key here.
  • The Shed Key opens a nearby structure. Inside is a Nimp Relic and an NPC named Barbara Ward. She can be hired as a mercenary. But, if you exit and return to this area, she’ll become hostile.
  • The other tents have various items, including documents.

Weird West Protector Guide Olvidado Bracelet Locations Bitter Rock 1a

In any case, go to the wooden walkway and pull the lever. This allows you to ride the lift down to the mines. Below, you’ll need to eliminate more Ravenous enemies. You can also pick up a Nimp Relic beside the bed.

The clue for the Bitter Rock Olvidado Bracelet in Weird West is written on a document. In case you missed it, it’s hidden underneath a crate (seen in the image below). Hit the crate to destroy it. This reveals a mound, so just use your shovel to dig up the item.

Weird West Protector Guide Olvidado Bracelet Locations Bitter Rock 2

Boulder Creek Olvidado Bracelet

There are two more Olvidado Bracelet locations in Weird West. For the one in Boulder Creek, you’ll have to kill all the Ridgebacks in the town. Beware of their poison attacks, as well as the buzzing flies that will annoy you.

Once they’ve been defeated, talk to the townsfolk. One NPC, Adam Vera, will give you the location of the nearby mine. Another, Noemi del Bosque, will ask you to bring back her husband’s sheriff star.

Weird West Protector Guide Olvidado Bracelet Locations Bitter Rock 2a

Go back to the world map and travel to the mine. Again, there are several Ravenous here, so watch out for them. The sheriff’s star can be found inside the large building to the west. You can return it to Noemi later, and she’ll become a Friend For Life (FFL).

As for the mine, it seems that you can’t unlock the entrance normally (I genuinely didn’t find a key). So, I ended up using five lockpicks on the side door.

Weird West Protector Guide Olvidado Bracelet Locations Bitter Rock 2b

Deep in the mine, you’ll want to take note of rock formations that can be blown up with dynamite or explosive barrels. Some of these will yield Golden Aces of Spades and Nimp Relics.

At the far end, you should spot a corpse with the Boulder Creek Olvidado Bracelet.

Weird West Protector Guide Olvidado Bracelet Locations Bitter Rock 2c

Galen’s Crossing Olvidado Bracelet

The third and final Olvidado Bracelet in Weird West can be found in Galen’s Crossing — yes, the same place where you encountered Mayor Weeks as the Bounty Hunter. Things are different now because the guards will shoot you when you get spotted instead of just receiving a warning.

There are some NPCs in front and one will even enter the locked gate as soon as you spawn in. You could actually enter through the main gate because of the animation. The NPC will turn hostile, but you can take them out without being seen as long as you’re further away from the other guards. Alternatively, you can climb the awnings at the mansion’s back walls.

Note: There’s an NPC at the front gate named Damian Torres, and he has a sidequest for you.

Wrdws 3prt Olv 1

For your main task, you have to go to the mansion’s kitchen. Inside, you’ll see that Mayor Weeks has been feasting on several corpses. Yes, he’s one of the Ravenous as well. I tried sneaking up on him, but he still managed to spot me.

Note: Even though the enemies here are cannibalistic humanoids, killing them in full view of others still counts as a crime. It will cause your reputation to drop.

Wrdws 3prt Olv 2

After killing Mayor Weeks, you can pick up several items from his corpse. The important things here are the Olvidado Bracelet and the document with the safe passcode.

If you want, you can go back to the second-floor living room. The same chest that you checked out as the Bounty Hunter now contains a land deed. You can give this to Torres to complete his sidequest and make him a Friend For Life.

Anyway, that does it for the Olvidado Bracelets in the Protector journey in Weird West. Moving onward, we’re going to solve a riddle to enter the Pueblo.

Wrdws 3prt Olv 3

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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