Weird West Werewolf Sybil's Journal

While playing as the Werewolf in Weird West, you’ll learn about a darker conspiracy in the making. Following this lead has the potential to alter the conclusion of your character’s arc. Here’s our Weird West Werewolf guide to help you find Sybil’s Journal in Absolution Hall.

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Weird West Werewolf guide – Where to find Sybil’s Journal in Absolution Hall

As you progress through the Werewolf journey in Weird West, Cleric Franciscus will tell you about the Wolfsbane Clippings. Apparently, it’s the only way to save your people. However, the moment you travel on the world map, a random encounter will occur. There, an Oneirist named Cecilia Fir will tell you about Sybil’s Journal as a means of ascertaining the truth.

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Reading Sybil’s Journal in Weird West is totally optional, but it does have major ramifications for this chapter.

To find it, you’ll need to return to Absolution Hall. Go inside Cleric Franciscus’ office and part the curtains next to the Galen statue. This will cause the statue to move, revealing a trapdoor.

Wrdws 4wrw Syb 2

Down below, you’ll meet Sybil Branch. Yes, it looks like Franciscus’ man-beasts are in cahoots with this Oneirist. She claims that there’s a vision where reading the book will lead to your death, but it’s up to you to find out is she’s being honest.

The journal itself is in a small room that can only be opened using Lightning Power. That means you’ll have to throw Lightning in a Bottle, a bomb that causes an electrical AoE field.

Weird West Werewolf Sybil's Journal 1

Read Sybil’s Journal to learn that she’s helping the Werewolves to further her goals, whereupon she’ll rule the west with Franciscus and co. at her heel. Here’s what happens next:

  • You can agree to help Sybil or you can follow a more altruistic path.
  • The latter will make her hostile and you’ll have to fight her.
  • While this is going on, Franciscus and other guards will come barging in. Although you can tell Franciscus the truth, it seems that he won’t believe you. You’ll have no choice but to eliminate your old pals as well.

Weird West Werewolf Sybil's Journal 2

After you’ve completed the Sybil’s Journal task in Weird West, some of the remaining Werewolves will attack you during random encounters.

Still, you’ll have to forge ahead for the next objectives, such as gathering Wolfsbane Clippings and entering Blood Moon Temple.

Weird West Werewolf Sybil's Journal 3

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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