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Whether or not you read Sybil’s Journal as the Werewolf in Weird West, you’ll still need to complete certain objectives. Doing so will take you to the conclusion of this arc. Here’s our Weird West Werewolf guide to help you find the Wolfsbane Clippings and solve the Blood Moon Temple puzzles.

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Weird West Werewolf guide – Wolfsbane Clippings and Blood Moon Temple puzzle solutions

The Wolfsbane Clippings in Weird West can be found in a location called Wolfsbane Hole (how original). Look around until you see a Nimp Relic near a metal gate. The gate can only be opened by using five Lockpicks.

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Alternatively, you can explore a bit until you see a narrow hallway that’s blocked by a rock formation. You can use dynamite to blow it up, revealing the tunnels beyond. There are a couple of Nimp Relics here, too.

Continue along the tunnel until you reach the opposite side of the gate where you can pick up over 15 Wolfsbane Clippings.

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When you’re done, head to the Blood Moon Temple. Assuming you’ve read Sybil’s Journal and you’ve eliminated the hostiles, you’ll invade this area with just your posse. But, if you followed the main quest as is, you’ll have some Werewolf companions along (as seen in one of the game’s promotional images).

In any case, put the Wolfsbane Clippings in the burning braziers on top of the pyramid. This will let you enter the Blood Moon Temple in Weird West.

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Once inside, use a throwable item or any fire-based ability to burn the roots. In the next chamber, you’ll notice a large crystal, as well as three other rooms. To activate the device, you’ll have to obtain some orbs by completing the Blood Moon Temple puzzles in Weird West:

  • Blood Orb – Standing on the plate causes zombies to spawn. Defeat them and continue standing on the plate until the orb can be picked up from the lift.
  • Bone Orb – The room will close and you’ll have to defeat several Wraiths and zombies.
  • Moon Orb – The dais gives you the clues. If you interact with the wrong chest, it’ll explode and do 50 damage. The correct chest is in the third column from the right (it’s the one that’s closest to the wall).

Place all the orbs on the pedestals to activate the mechanism. Cecilia Fir will return, and you’ll have two options: unleash the Blood Moon’s power or destroy it.

The choice is up to you, though I did pick the latter. In any case, this will conclude the Werewolf’s chapter in Weird West. You can then play as the Oneirist.

Weird West Werewolf Blood Moon Temple Puzzle Wolfsbane Clippings 4

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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