Weird West Oneirist Walkthrough Guide

Solve the Blood Moon Temple puzzles will conclude the Werewolf’s arc in Weird West. This will lead to the Oneirist’s campaign, essentially the game’s final chapter. Here’s our Weird West Oneirist walkthrough guide to help you finish this character’s main quest.

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Weird West Oneirist walkthrough guide

The Initiation and the Stone Doll

The Oneirist journey in Weird West begins with her training. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Trial #1 – The statue in the center will point in a particular direction. Stand on the plate there.
  • Trial #2 – Walk across the chasm by using the illusory floors.
  • Trial #3 – Look at where the statues are pointing then follow it through the darkened chamber. You’ll reach more statues until you get to the end.

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The Oneirist will wake up in a lair called Somnolence. Next, talk to Edith Frond, who’ll tell you about the Authority’s Stone Doll. The room is barred by a door that requires three Lockpicks. If you don’t want to waste them, you can pass through a waterway off to the side. Talk to Edith once more to have another vision.

Note: Apart from the Stone Doll, you can also obtain the Amulet of the Open Palm. Equipping this is the only way to win the slapping contest against the Witch at the Crossroads.

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Finding your old pals

You should now be able to explore the world map. It’s also possible to recruit some of the former main characters to your posse:

  • Bounty Hunter and Werewolf – They’re chilling at Bell Stead and Absolution Hall respectively.
  • Protector – Not available yet.
  • Pigman – When you enter Cedar Flats, you’ll see that he’s tied up by Ruth Bough and her gang (assuming you turned Ruth into a pig earlier in the campaign). Kill the bandits and rescue him.

Wrdws 5onr Wlk Gd 3

Your main tasks for this part of the Oneirist arc in Weird West, however, is to find the Proving Knife and the Wellspring Text:

  • Valerian Temple: Proving Knife – This place is crawling with rats, and there are lots of poison traps, too. Make it all the way to the end to pick up the Broken Knife.
  • Broken Steppe Temple: Wellspring Text – I suggest making a manual save before entering this location. Inside, you’ll find Essex Mast and several statues depicting our heroes. The only way to obtain the Wellspring Text is by having all the heroes stand on the plates next to their statues (more on this below).

Weird West Oneirist Walkthrough Guide 1b

A “soft” point of no return and rescuing the Protector

Since you can only have up to two companions at any given time, the main characters who are with you will be stuck in place the moment you move next to their statues. This will remove them from your party and you won’t be able to recruit them again. This is akin to a point of no return, which is why a manual save beforehand is important in case you still want your old buddies with you while you explore or do sidequests.

The whereabouts of the three (i.e., Bounty Hunter, Werewolf, and Pigman) have been mentioned above. As for the Protector, you’ll have to go to Fort Glenn. It’s now filled with hostiles due to a mutiny, so head to the side path to avoid confrontations. Climb the rocks until you reach the walled interior and check the graveyard and dig him out.

Weird West Oneirist Walkthrough Guide 2a

For the other main characters that weren’t in your party, you can talk to them and make them teleport to the temple. They’ll be locked in place once you return there.

With everyone in their correct spots, have the Oneirist go to her position to make the Wellspring Text appear. Unfortunately, even though you’ve completed this task, you still won’t be able to recruit the previous main characters. You’ll really have no choice past this point but to bring mercenaries or a unique companion like Pigman Joe if you want a full squad.

Weird West Oneirist Walkthrough Guide 2b

To the very end

In any case, return to Somnolence for your third vision and talk to Edith Frond again. A new location called Foxglove will appear at the northeastern corner of the world map.

As you travel there, several Oneirist groups will attack you in random encounters. Even Edith Front will betray you.

Weird West Oneirist Walkthrough Guide 3a

After at least three random encounters, you should finally arrive at Foxglove. There, you’ll see a plain-looking house. This is the home of none other than the Witch at the Crossroads. When you do talk to her, she explains that the doorway beyond will lead to the conclusion. You can accept or decline it based on a dialogue option.

Yes, this is the last point of no return in the Oneirist journey and the entire Weird West campaign. After this, you’ll have the ending dialogue and sequence.

Weird West Oneirist Walkthrough Guide 3b

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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