Weird West Point Of No Return Important Decisions

Weird West has five mini-campaigns for you to complete. Throughout these arcs, you’ll have to make key choices that can have ramifications. Here’s our Weird West guide to help you with the important decisions and the points of no return in the campaign.

Note: For more information, check out our Weird West guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Weird West guide – Important decisions and points of no return

There are several important decisions in Weird West, such as how you approach certain tasks/sidequests, I’ve opted to focus on those that will have ramifications at the conclusion of an arc, as well as the endings.

Note: There are many points of no return in Weird West. Some will conclude a character’s journey, which means all sidequests will remain incomplete.

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Bounty Hunter

  • I’m not sure what happens if you kill Mayor Weeks so soon, but he’s also part of the Protector’s main quest.
  • You can make Sheriff Albright eat Snack and have her join your posse for the finale.
  • Point of no return/journey’s end: A key point of no return is once you’ve rescued your husband in Copper Mountain Quarry. Before this, you can still leave the location and continue your exploration. But, once you rescue your husband and head out, an NPC will talk to you and cause the arc to end.
  • During this conversation, you can choose to keep Sheriff Albright’s identity as a siren a secret.

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  • Visiting Sheriff Albright’s house even with the Bounty Hunter recruited will make her hostile. Killing Sheriff Albright will also cause the Bounty Hunter to attack you. As such, you’ll want to avoid going to Albright Stead for the rest of the campaign.
  • Stealthily eliminating Maximo is mostly just for a reputation boost.
  • You can visit Cecilia’s house to have closure.
  • After beating Ruth Bough, you can let her die or turn her into a pig. If you choose the latter, she may appear as a wanted bounty target. If she’s still alive during the Oneirist’s chapter, you have to free Pigman from her clutches.
  • Point of no return/journey’s end: At the end of the arc, you can choose to free the pig spirits or let them burn. The former shows an outcome where they’re co-existing with regular humans.

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  • Red Thunderbird will automatically attack you when you’re ready to enter the Olvidado Pueblo Mines.
  • You’ll still kill Olvidado and behead him. However, it seems that there’s a way to be corrupted by the Wiindigo spirit. I’ve yet to figure out how to make that happen.
  • Point of no return/journey’s end: You can enact a truce between the Trappers and the Natives, or you can say that you mistrust the colonizers due to their greed.

Wrdws Imp Pt Nret 1


  • Reading Sybil’s Journal will cause her and other Absolutionist Werewolves to turn hostile. You’ll get attacked during random encounters and you won’t have backup when you head to Blood Moon Temple.
  • Point of no return/journey’s end: You can unleash the power of the Blood Moon or destroy it completely.

Note: Make sure you spend your Nimp Relics and Golden Aces of Spades before finishing the Werewolf’s arc. You won’t be able to reacquire these unused points once you play as the Oneirist.

Wrdws Imp Pt Nret 2


  • Soft point of no return: Save before you enter Broken Steppe Temple. When main characters stand next to the statues, they’ll leave your party and you can’t recruit them anymore. You’ll have no choice but to bring other mercs.
  • Point of no return/campaign’s end: The Foxglove location where the Witch at the Crossroads resides is the last point of no return in Weird West. You can either pass through a doorway or continue your adventures on the overworld. In my playthrough, the Witch didn’t even ask for the Heathen’s Box again. Anyway, once you go through the doorway, that leads you to the game’s finale and ending.

Wrdws Imp Pt Nret 3

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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