Runescape Combat Cleanup Strike

When dealing with a game that’s been active for over 20 years, outdated mechanics are unavoidable. This is evident in Jagex’s long-running MMORPG RuneScape, which is why the developer had its Ninja Team specifically for addressing issues of this nature. Today, the Ninja Team returns from the shadows to release the Combat Cleanup Strike, which aims to improve the PvM experience in RuneScape.

The full list of changes can be seen on the official RuneScape website but, needless to say, the list is huge. It includes updates to older boss mechanics, loot drop chance adjustments, and ability reworks. What matters most to you depends on what content you enjoy, but there are some highlights.


Many of the time-gated mechanics in boss fights have been shortened. That includes the Nex and Queen Black Dragon intro sequences, as well as the various delays at Vorago. Speaking of Vorago, the Combat Cleanup Strike streamlines taking down RuneScape‘s second-highest-level boss. Raksha, the Shadow Colossus, and the three Elite Dungeons are also prioritized in this patch.

The universal improvements include changes to various abilities. Smoke Tendrils have been altered to officially implement a previously unintended interaction its developers liked. Furthermore, movement abilities like Surge, Escape, and Bladed Dive no longer cause the player to enter combat.

Runescape Prime Gaming Currency Pack

Prime Gaming drop

Outside of the Combat Cleanup Strike, Jagex has also been working alongside Amazon to offer RuneScape players a new deal. Those with an Amazon Prime subscription can claim seven days of membership, 35 Treasure Hunter Keys, and 200 RuneCoins.

This deal goes live on March 15 and can be accessed through the Prime Gaming Loot section of Twitch. Ironmen accounts will only be able to claim the membership and not the additional currency. Before claiming the drop you’ll, have to link your RuneScape account on Twitch. And there are other things to claim through Prime Gaming, while you’re at it.

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