Prison Architect

This hotel could do with some remodeling.

Do you like being in prison? Wait … let me start that again. Do you like running a prison? If so, this latest Humble Weekly Bundle has Prison Architect on offer as the “pay more than X” reward, where ‘X’ in this case is $20.00 USD. That’ll get you into Steam’s early access program for the game’s alpha and allow you to recreate all of your favourite scenes from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. Or, if you’re feeling darker, Oz.

That’s not all the Bundle has in it, of course. The “pay whatever you damn well please” portion is a set of Introversion’s other fine titles. You get Uplink, Darwinia, Multiwinia and good old Defcon, plus soundtracks. Still want more? That’s the kind of greed that sent you to prison, you know that, right? Ok fine, you also get source code access for those four games I just mentioned, and two tech demos (Voxel Tech and City Generator.)

As always, pay more than $1.00 USD to get Steam keys. It’s up to you how you split your payment between devs, charity and Humble themselves.

Here’s a rather fine trailer in the rambling British tradition, in which the Introversion guys talk about all the games in the set.

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